We are a Cleaning Card Manufacturer and Service Provider

CleaningCardsNG is a subsidiary of Blue Science Limited established since 2004, in Lagos, Nigeria. Our new Cleaning Card design allows anyone to easily maintain devices without opening it or potentially damaging critical sensors. As transaction equipment has become more advanced to curb fraudulent transactions, so has media for those transactions. Keeping new read sensors clean is critical. Our improved Cleaning Card incorporates spring-loaded waffles to reach & add pressure to these critical sensors. Our cleaning card & cleaning kit products are sought after by many manufacturers to maintain normal operations of their equipment.

Our focus is to work closely with our OEMs through our design and development phase to produce a consumable product for our partners worldwide. Partnering enables us to use our proprietary technology and your expertise regarding your equipment to develop a preventive maintenance-cleaning item that is effective and safe. In this partnership, confidentiality is respected and our OEM partners typically provide us with their equipment to use during the design phase.

CleaningCardsNG will develop a prototype in multiple iterations for the OEM partner to qualify, request change, or approve for use. For over a decade more OEM partners have co-branded and/or used CCN as their choice for the design, development, and manufacturing of their custom preventive maintenance cleaning card, products or kit.

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