Cleaning Pen / Solution
Cleaning Pen
Cleaning Pen

for cleaning the print heads of thermal printers.


Cleaning Solution
Cleaning Solution

Cleaning Solution,30ml,60ml or any volume.

Cleaning solution spray,15ml,30ml,60ml,120ml,or any volume.

Solution can be IPA,Ethanol,or others.

ATM Cleaning Kit
Standard Components for our ATM Cleaning Kit:

1. 20 Pieces Lint-free non-woven cloths Wipes

2. 1 Screen Cleaning Solution Spray (125ml)

3. 1 Foam Spray (125ml)

4. 1 Air Duster (125ml)

5. 10 Encoded Cleaning Cards

6. 1 Pair Safety Gloves

7. 25 Cleaning Swabs

8. 1 Transportation Compartment

Cleaning Wipes
Cleaning Wipes

This presaturated lint free wipe is ideal for a multitude of technical and general cleaning duties. Supplied in a convenient tear-open pouch ensures optimum condition prior to use. These quick drying disposable wipes prevents cross contamination and will not harm, smear or leave residue on sensitive equipment.