Vending Machine
There are many different models of vending bill acceptors in service; the acceptance rate of the Lucky Stripe Waffletechnology® Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card is 98% of all models used in North America. Our Cleaning card is designed with a magnetic code that will eliminate the guesswork of which card to use on the vending bill acceptor you wish to clean. Once the cleaning card enters the bill acceptor, the Waffletechnology® design allows the cleaning card to reach the optical lenses and critical components within. Use this product once per week to maintain a high acceptance rate for currency.
Thermal Printers
This is a very thin cleaning card like a ticket, It can ensures that the Print Head and all internal components are cleaned safely and effectively every time a roll of ticket, receipt or label stock or ribbon is loaded into the equipment. With routine cleanings you can expect optimal image quality and a longer life for your printer.
Swipe ATM
The Ingenico Cleaning Cards are designed, using Waffletechnology®, to clean read pins located inside all Ingenico EMV smart card or chip and pin card readers, as well as the magnetic stripe reader. The sensitive pins allow communication between the credit card and the card reader; keeping these card reader contact pins clean is essential to the POS (Point of Sale) card readers ability to read information from the card. The magnetic stripe swipe reader will also build up dust, dirt and oils that need to be removed to properly maintain the integrity of card reads. Use this product once per week to help avoid credit card misreads.
Card Coder (writer)
Card Coders can be found in a number of varieties, including EMV smart card (chip and pin) readers, POS credit and debit card coders. Use our Waffle Technology cleaning card once per week to help avoid incorrect coding.
Card Bank Book Readers

striped flocking-coated on both sides,can be inserted and used to clean any device which accept banknote.

This cleanng card is for any banknote slot.

Bill Acceptors

This card is a special design for cleaning cash acceptors, bill counter/validator, changemaker, check reader, vending machine, auto tickets seller, etc.

This is a thin pre-saturated cleaning card, it抯 thickness is only 0.35mm or 0.5mm.Size and packaging is customized.

ATMs with Shutter
We have cleaning cards designed to clean automatic ATMs, multifunctional bank-info terminals, and other closed reading systems. It can be smoothly inserted into any brands ATMs, like NCR, HITACHI,T RITON, DIEBOLD, WINCOR NIXDORF, SIMENS etc. Once inserted, it will clean the magnetic heads, card pathways, transport belts and rollers. It can be used as an emergency maintenance product after card reader failures, and also used as a regular maintenance product to prevent card reader failures.